On receiving your new Behält gloves please make sure you give them a pre-wash or two before using in a game. In the manufacturing process talcum powder is used on the palms at the stage of stitching which allows the needle to pass through the latex without sticking. The palms still have traces of powder therefore the pre-wash is required to activate the grip.

The Soft latexes that are used on our gloves can start to wear even during their first use (like all gloves on the market) however, the gloves will continue to provide a high standard grip until nearly all of the latex has worn away.

Palm and backhand deterioration can be more apparent when the ground is hard or when playing on artificial surfaces. Also young and inexperienced goalkeepers may notice faster deterioration due to technique but should notice a difference as their goalkeeping skills develop.
Behält gloves have been tested at the highest level and on various types of playing surfaces. The softer the latex the better the grip is usually the case. We consider the latexes chosen by Behält Goalkeeping to have excellent grip properties and high levels of durability.

The gloves in the picture above have been worn on various surfaces and show wear and tear, this is normal for gloves. Latex is a very soft material and any of the wear shown above can happen after the first use and can. On occasions latex can develop yellowish patches or can take on a yellowish discolouration. If you are unsure of any of the above, or need any help or information regarding Behält Goalkeeping and our products please do not hesitate to contact us. We have given advice to young and experienced keepers, Mums and Dads and we are always glad to help.

Goalkeeping is a specialised area, gloves are a very important tool in a goalkeepers world, choose right, choose Behält.