Behält Goalkeeping has worked hard to create great looking gloves with even better grip for goalkeepers of all levels. One of the key aims at Behält is to offer gloves with style, quality, comfort and grip associated with elite players.

In the ever evolving world of goalkeeping, product durability and materials with the ability to perform at the highest level is an important balance to get right. Behält has chosen from a range of materials and latexes available to bring out the best in key areas:- grip, durability and last but not least comfort. Behält ticks all the boxes associated with top of the range gloves but at a fraction of the price.

The SMU gloves worn by our endorsees are made of the same materials and latexes that are used on our retail standard gloves, we will never compromise the quality of our gloves by using sub standard materials or latexes. A lot of glove companies offer different grip and material options to their Endorsees, Behält does not do this, our gloves are the same from our Professionals through the range down to our junior gloves.

The current Behält range includes gloves, glove bags and towels, but we have many other exciting designs and ideas in the pipeline with more gloves and products on the way soon.

With unpredictable weather and the numerous amounts of playing surfaces in the modern day game, Behält gloves will see you through the toughest conditions!

In addition to the gloves we are looking to develop a range of clothing including kits, training kit, leisure wear and accessories so please bookmark this page and also check out our Facebook page and Twitter for updates!
Product quality, affordability and customer service are paramount and we strive to surpass all customer expectations.

Hesitation is never good as a keeper so please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.